Tuesday, June 4, 2013

countertop point of purchase display,counter-top point of sale display

Shesing Industry supply acrylic jewelry display,acrylic POP display for jewelry and watches,OEM and ODM service are available,custom made jewlry display,for Europe, America,Mideast,Australia and more conutries and area.dimension,color, material,finish style to customer's order.contact us for more please!

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point of purchase display racks,point of sale display showcase

Shesing Industry,a manufacturer of wooden point of perchase display,acrylic point of purchase display,we supply visual merchandising solition for watch,jewelry,wine,shoes,cosmetics,and all kinds of commodity in shooping mall,distribution market,welcome custom design producetion,more case of us,watchcasechina.com

Monday, June 3, 2013

point of purchase display for watch and jewelry,America,Canada,France,Germany,Switzerland,Italy,Denmark

Shesing Industry Co.; Ltd.produce custom design point of purchase display for watch and jewelry,we offer our visual merchandising solution to customers in America,Canada,France,Germany,Switzerland,Italy,Denmark.

We produce point of purchase display for watch,point of purchase display for jewelry,American point of purchase display,Canadan point of purchase display,French point of purchase display,German point of purchase display,Danish point of purchase display,British point of purchase display.Japanese point of purchase display,Korean point of purchase display,Arabian point of purchase display,Italian point of purchase display

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